Documenting my transformation. What I learn what I’ve discovered about myself and how I’m learning to apply what I learn. It’s easy to read something and say oh that’s great sounds awesome I’ll start doing that today! Then an hour later your telling¬†the same old story to yourself. It’s in that moment you choose to be kind to yourself and remember nobody is perfect and all you can do is be conscious ¬†of how you respond to your own mistakes. We’re all choosing every moment how we want others to perceive us and usually we want everyone to think we have it all figured out and life is so great and easy. That’s why tabloids selling dirt on celebrities are so popular because their lives look so grand and wonderful. Yet none of them would be if we all didn’t see something great that they see in themselves that the only way we could possibly notice it is if we recognize it from something we already have in us somewhere. Under the years of listening to outside validations and judgements. So let’s together take a closer look at ourselves and how amazing we are each one of us!

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