So here we go! I had planned to have…actually I did start writing blog posts a few months ago. The idea of writing my own blog has been on my mind for a long time,perhaps if I’d just dived in then….but no regrets only learned from mistakes ! I have been a self-help junkie for a couple of years now.

I’m usually a quick learner but this concept of needing to implement changes that wouldn’t have immediate results had me reading and reading and reading! I would Google a subject and go through opening like 10 different pages to read about whatever it was. After about 50 open tabs I’d have to close a few out. Or I’d just start over with searches like ” how to cultivate personal power” and “metaphysical back pain”. Or I’d get suck’d in to all these we binary about creating business and living the lifestyle you want!

Manifesting , co-creating your reality, divine feminine…all lovely things I wanted to learn how to do! The thing was it took me actually investing my time and not just reading how to’s! Sounds obvious right, but in the moment of waking up and being on autopilot or forgetting what I was going to do differently had me thinking I just hadn’t found the right way for me yet. I’d follow through on some things like my gratitude journal 30 days yep did that one.

All in all I’ve learned I can’t pre-plan it. Life’s messy and your not going to get anywhere without risking something. So I’m risking an imperfect blog. Thinking about it now I realize I had huge expectations. Well either thinking everyone would see and read my imperfect blog or nobody would so why bother?! I’m bothering because I want to. I have my story to tell and my experiences to share about and I’ve been through enough…I’m sure it’ll help someone besides my in person friends.

Also I need to talk. When I talk brilliant things come forth and not talking isn’t doing me or the world any favors. So I am going to publish this first post. Considering I didn’t say anything about myself that much at all I will start letting you get to know me. I am deep and it may take awhile to get to the juicy stuff or I might dive right in that’s my best writing style write from the heart! I’m sure somebody’s already said that but it’s good!


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