It’s “Faete”

I’m sitting here mostly wondering how I came up with my title and my blog name. Personally I think it’s genius and am surprised it’s not already in use. The choice of using Fae is risky I know because most people could easily dismiss me altogether with a woo woo fairy tale type of name. That’s the part of life most grown-ups have forgotten. The magic to life. I’m an incredibly serious person and analytical but I’ve never once doubted the existence of preternatural  creatures.

That’s not the purpose of this entry. It’s about how it’s obviously meant to be my site when you think of the millions of websites already out there that haven’t used it. I maybe getting ahead of myself but don’t you love it when you think of something clever that nobody else has implemented before?

I’m sure we all have ideas that we dismiss because we aren’t so confident but that’s what I want for everyone is to be themselves in every way without fearing judgement or less than the next person. We’ve all struggled with those feelings of not enoughness  and as women especially, too muchness. Just because someone else isn’t comfortable with the all that you are doesn’t mean your wrong for being you.

It’s your responsibility to be you 100% you, in a completely accepting of others loving way.

We need to stop expecting everyone to be the same way we are and start accepting the differences in eachother. Without those differences people label “weird” it’d be a pretty boring earth. So if you find yourself toning down or dimming your light remember it’s not your job to make everyone else comfortable. It’s your responsibility to be you 100% you ,in a completely accepting of others loving way. Without the love there’s only judgement and competition and those only serve to bring others and ourselves down.

In striving to be the best version of yourself if you have to tear others down  your not going to be truly happy with the end result. If you can begin to see that when you build others up you win too the world becomes a much better place to live.

Remember the magic of love!    Love from Fae logic, Janelle Ann


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