“I am not””I am that”

I want to be seen, not just as a “hot chick” or a “bad bitch”. I want to be seen for the full spectrum of who I am, for what I am for I AM that I AM, an embodied spirit, daughter of the Divine Goddess, Princess of the Mother Earth’s, naturally Human emotionally bound by my presence on Earth and Creating Life. Singer of The Song of Life. I AM a giver of LOVE and LIFE.  Blessed to be here at this time and space to embody the Sacred Feminine Energy during this Masculine favored energy existence, The Wild Joy, Sacred Love, Freeing Happiness, Pleasure of the Soul, Whispering on the Wind spreading the Fire inside us to thank the Earth for a place to live and Waters Life Force flowing through us. I AM here to help you remember. Remember our roots, our ancient Melodies of Life pure & sweet, innocent & wise, knowing & naïve, sensual & erotic, carefree & caring, nurturing & cherished, receiver & giver, trusting, careful, stress free, prepared, remember, let go, Free spirit, Safe Haven, Lover, Fighter, Freewill, of service to others. BALANCE.                   BALANCE.              BALANCE. 

I am not one thing or another. I am not this or that. I am all of these combined into a complicated yet perfect woman. I AM NOT WHO OR WHAT YOU THINK for I AM always evolving, always learning, always growing into more of ME.  

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