Why do we hold back? What stops us from dancing when we want to or loving as hard as we want to? Fear? Of what? Rejection? Or that the vivid imagery in our minds and the intense emotion rolling up and down and every which way will be misunderstood or scorned or laughed at? Because I want to twirl in my own wind made tornado of love life laughter trailing after my sparkly excitement of the colors I see dancing in between sunlight and moonbeam. Of the twinkling stars winking at me as if they know my secrets…have I read that somewhere?

I know you’ve tried to extinguish my light, my magick, my excitement! For a time I let you think you’ve won but deep in my soul the parts you can’t reach as hard as you try I have secrets to the mystery of life. I can understand your fear of unknown yet I promise you nothings to fear but fear itself. For in the time between time the time between our earthly seconds and minutes and years there is a magical time standing still listening to the stories the trees tell and soaking up the whispered truth of ancient rains feeding the earth.

If you open to the limitless possibilities, the possibility that what you see isn’t all there is to be seen and what you hear isn’t the only sound being made you open up your heart to the bliss that comes on the mornings sunlight, kissing flower petals gifting them with life. You see the world isn’t only the black and white of your Bibles and law books. The world isn’t only the balance of your checkbook or the accumulation of your net worth. The world doesn’t end when you’ve won or lost your wars for oil or monetary control of our precious resources.

You’ve done a great job thus far in your fear mongering control and flaunting of so called freedom. But the foundation is weak built on lies and deceit. Your carefully planned, painstaking, manipulative, fearful power moves are slowly crumbling. And with that the mirage you’ve built is fading, people are waking up to their truth and your desperation is only quickening the tear in your already precarious story.

But I digress from my truth, my truth of the Magick of life I contain inside me! My wild and complex energy in motion a constant state of feeling this way n that. I know the vast reaches of my sorrow and the storm of my rage like an inferno encased in ice blazing cold suddenly melting to drenching passion touched by this intimacy my eyes brimming with happiness.

A living, breathing contradiction to all order consistently inconsistent for I do not prepare for life I live life. I know that the only moment is here right now and every other moment is not the one that matters so take your chance risk being who you see yourself as when nobody’s looking when anyone’s looking for that may be the only chance you have to let another see.

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