Understanding my intuition

It’s taken me awhile to accept my personal intuition. In the past i’ve explained it away never really trusting myself and accepting others word over my own “gut” feeling. I usually ended up finding out later I was right so then my story was it’ s my insecurities.

 I believe now theres a difference between allowing yourself to worry something into existance and your intuition. My intuition seems to operate both in my high upper stomache as well as this “knowing”that I feel in a way the words in my head but like they come from somewhere else. I’ll get this feeling in my upper tummy right along with the truth. Sometimes the truth will contain specific details including names of people. Usually it’s a sense of someones true motives but since sometimes people dont know there true motives so i’ll just get this flash of reality….almost always it’ll be when someone is not telling me everything or is being deceptive in some form. 

I don’t always want to believe what my intuition tells me and if I feel it’s an insecurity or a part of me being judgemental I usually talk to the person about it. Not to act like i’m better than anyone or to make them feel guilty. What my intentions are is to open up to others as authentic as possible. When I am my authentic self I know i’m being vulnerable and allowing others to see my imperfection. I feel we all pretend were living these great lives and got it all figured out when in reality we all are learning and trying to do the best we can with what we know. Sometimes we get challenged and try to choose a better way or find someone to help us learn new tools of relating to people. 

The biggest part for me in accepting my intuition is learning to love and trust myself more. As i’m growing more aware of the innate abilities we all have as humans to tap into our own truth it’s inspiring! I’m not better or more special than anybody but I do have a unique perspective and life experience that’s created my gift to the world. Everyone can tune into thier own wisdom and know the truth, it’s only if you decide to actually step into authentic living and accept all parts of yourself not hiding anything. The thing is were always going to be discovering new aspects of ourselves and will always have things, beliefs, past stories that no longer serve and will hold us back if we can’t let go. It’s the natural cycle of life and if you listen to yourself you may be surprised at the answers you get! 

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