Fantastic creatures

We are amazing creatures. We are curious as well. When we place how we value our selves in the external judgements of other humans we are bound to have a very low self worth. We depend on our boyfriends and girlfriends to tell us how sexy we are or how attractive, how smart, how worthy we are. That’s a very dangerous place to go when how we feel about ourselves is how others percieve us. 

There has been a huge wave of “self love” material everywhere you look it seems to be the new hot topic. Which is fantastic because we are too amazing to think were anything but. I’m not talking about entitlement because there always needs to be a balance including respect for self and the earth that provides our well-being. 

We have forgotten ourselves in this society we live in today. We’ve measured our success against others our whole society is built upon competition. We tear each other down and think that means we win when we manage to get the attention of a man whose with another woman. I’m not going to get into all that because thats not the focus for why i’m writing right now. 

I’m remembering exactly how luscious and sexy and wonderful I am as a human being. This experience isn’t meant to be tragic and sad and stressful. It’s supposed to be filled with wonder and excitement. We are meant to love ourselves for we are all truly loveable at our very essence core selves. 

Our physical bodies alone are inspiring. Our bodies naturally do everything to keep us alive and it would benefit us to start adoring ourselves. If we cherished our precious amazing resiliant bodies we would feel better. We would be healthier and not allow such hurtful things happen to us. I believe we are on a journey to remember how absolutely magnificent we are. 

If we really think about how amazing we are I could write forever about it. There is something that stops us though. Somewhere along the way we have learned not to get to big of a head and to be humble. The important part and would be the best for everyone is if we knew how awesome we are just like everyone else! 

If i’m not comparing myself to anyone and accept that I am as wonderful as every other person on the planet then I wouldn’t develop insecurities. I wouldn’t become jealous of anothers talents or attributes. I would be happy with my self and know I have my own gift to offer and am equally as important. 

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