The continuation of Heart. 

​Oh your so worthy are you? You hear your ego, it’s been questioning everything you think, everything you do. You notice all these doubts your ego tries to throw at you, you can’t help but wonder what if some of them are true? What if? Then your heart speaks up and you feel it the Truth, that your truth matters. Your truth is your truth. You know that there are things you’ve been led to believe that are not true for you. Ego pipes up with “those dirty liars” “trying to mislead us” ”we can’t trust anybody”. Your heart gently tells you the truth it does not matter what others have told you, your free to make your own choices. You think but what about my family my parents? Why did they lie to me? Is everything I’ve believed thus far untrue? Heart whispers it does not matter, all that matters is your truth…trust yourself, trust the love you feel for that will save you so much trouble. You’re not here to judge everyone else’s truth you’re here to discover your own truth. Your parents did what they thought was best. You feel good with that thought. Then your ego creeps in with fear what will everyone think? How will you fix what’s already been done? Anxiety fills your body…so uncomfortable your unable to calm your thoughts now racing through your mind. So many so indecipherable. I’m so confused! you cry out, I don’t know what to do, how can I fix this how can I change what I’ve already done? What if nobody understands? This anxiety is stressful you notice your breathing has become shallower so you take a deep breath and another. Strange you think as you continue taking deep breaths of air filling past your lungs into your belly you’ve noticed the anxiety is nearly gone that was just overwhelming you. With more oxygen in your brain and flowing thru out your body you realize how relaxed you feel. All those questions you had that seemed like life or death a few moments before seem rather unimportant now. You know you can’t change the past and the future is not here yet so you choose to remember to breathe whenever those uncomfortable thoughts or feelings creep up on you. Ego will always be with me you think but so will my heart and the ability to breathe. Many new realizations have happened for you today and you start to see your ego as a child that you can teach all the things you never were taught as a child. Instead of letting ego control you you can control your ego. You have the ability to choose for yourself what feels good to you and what you think should feel good to you according to other people. Most other people you see are running around listening to their egos instead of their heart. That you realize is  why so many people are so competitive and need validation and constant attention. As a child needs attention and guidance as it discovers itself it also easily lives from its heart until it is not given freedom to discover itself anymore. Then the ego starts to shape decisions and actions based on others reactions. Since most adults aren’t living from their hearts they teach children how to disconnect from their hearts. As we become more aware of the damage our ego can create for us in this world we often don’t take the time to even notice what we have control over. Breathing the easiest thing to do in the world that we mostly are unconscious of is the fastest, easiest way to connect with our heart. 

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