Nature spirit


I took this photo in my back yard last summer…i love the area how green and lucious it gets. The trees are gorgeous and theres a row of huge fragrant lilac bushes that line one side of our driveway. The light whisps or orbs of light you can see in the photo were not visible to me before the photos are taken. I have more I will share later as I dont feel the timing is right to share the other ones. Fae are very loving creatures of Gaia our Earth mother and love it when humans show respect and care for all the abundant gifts she offers us.

I have always been drawn to the beauty and felt theres something special about this place. I learned that one of the trees is a portal between dimensions….other spaces in time or other worlds. Ive been spending most of my time learning and raising my vibrational frequency to better understand whats going on around me and in the world.

I know many, many thousands of people are feeling this call back to our roots, back to nature.

Theres a feeling of a need to return to our old ways of growing our own food or at least eating more natural foods. It is possible for us as humans to live off the land our ancestors did it for millenia. The new culture of needing more stuff and waste that has been dominating the grocery stores and restaraunts is not something im going to get into right now but imagine all the food we throw away everyday all across the nation yet we have a huge amount of hungry people. I’m just as guilty of wasting food, so im not judging anyone. I simply want to be aware and hopefully allow others to voice their ideas.

I want to pose a few questions that have been on my heart and mind. What if we were able to stop feeling insecure, if we could stop the need for competition? If we didnt make a mans worth equal his bank account but instead his ability to be himself? If as women we knew our worth wasn’t measured by our physical assets? If we all could love ourselves and knew not one of us was better or worse, more deserving or less? If we could trust in ourselves and others to celebrate each of our gifts as they are and each give accordingly. If we all were able to contribute our personal passions with an interest in serving each other there by serving our selves?

If we did not allow one person to gain monopoly of so much because everyone had their own gift and was honored as worthy of love just for being who they were? There will always be natural leaders and natural followers. There will always be someone with a green thumb and someone with an eye for design. Someone will always have a natural affinity for travel and someone who loves it where they are.

We can’t ever go back in time but we can bring back our natural rythym of connecting to earth and living with the world instead of fighting the world.

I have so much more to say but just imagine what it would be like to live in a harmonious, appreciative way and offer yourself the chance to view life from a different perspective.

With the love of every color of the rainbow ,    Janelle A.

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