A few thoughts inspired by some rap songs.

I’m never sure how I end up where I do but I do enjoy the way my mind works and hopefully you will too. 

So  the average rapper raps about money, cars and bad bitches in almost every song. There either braggin about their money or braggin about how their money gets them bad bitches. It’s unfortunately true just not for the reasons rappers think. 

There is so much I wish I could help people see how backwards our thinking is. I spent a lot of time thinking listening to rap was cool and that I really liked it and I was a “cool” girlfriend that didn’t need a guy to take care of me. I liked to have sex and thought all these things were freedom. Listening to the music that my parents hated and fucking guys cuz I chose to. 

In reality when I realized what was really going on that all the beliefs I had werent helping me live the life I wanted instead creating more problems. I wanted a deep intimate relationship where we were free to be ourselves and there wasn’t jealousy or chains. That type of relationship involves evolving ourselves. It requires you to go inside and examine your story. Being willing to let go of social conditions and finding out what you personally desire. Happiness and Love are the two main things all people want. We think all these other things like money and nice cars and lots of people wanting us will make us happy. That search for fulfillment everyone realizes eventually hopefully that nothing will fulfill until your content with yourself. No amount of hot chicks throwing themselves at you will make you feel better. No amount of guys wanting to have sex with you will make you feel better. There are plenty of celebrities, rappers and porn stars that would love you to believe they got it made and are happy with what their doing. 

Then you hear a rap about I got the money I’m the boss now I need a queen. I need a bitch so bad she take up my whole week. Thinking the money and status gives them the oppurtunity to make a woman happy. Maybe for awhile but then the money can’t replace the feeling you get from truly loving yourself and your still not satisfied. Maybe its the wrong person tfoy’re not meant for me. Keep looking you meet someone new the attraction is fierce and your willing to try again cuz that feeling is so addictive. The rush of chemicals from meeting someone new and the dance that could go on forever but we think it should be easy. It shouldnt take work to love someone. If we never had contrast we wouldnt know what we wanted. Then we think were changing for someone and can’t do that so we keep acting like fools and never find peace. Who cares whose wrong or right? Women want to spend more time with a guy and he feels smothered. Seeks his freedom then chaos ensues. Cant figure out how to make her happy when what she wants makes him put the brakes on. Due to social conditioning? Lack of ability to have compassion for eachother? Life is so different for any of us yet we all strive for the same things. Explore your beliefs about people it-s those beliefs that stop you from having what you want. 

The belief that hoes want money brings exactly what you believe. The belief that men only want sex brings you men that only want sex. Why it doesnt work with the belief that money will make you happy seems to not happen. 

The material things we put our hope in will always fail. The beliefs we have about people will always prevail. The love you have for yourself will be the only love you’ll be able to feel. 

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