I am excited about how often I see people discovering the divine feminine and masculine energies. It is beautiful the way our feminine essence is returning from her deep slumber. And so needed! 

We have been too “busy” for too long. Being able to remember and allowing ourselves the space to connect to that deep inner knowing is such an amazing experience. Ive had this extremely strong yearning for a return of Sacred. I don’t know any other way to put it besides Sacred. It’s felt like nothing has been sacred for so long. 

I could go on and on about all the things that have been happening and how our soxiety has been confused. There are still many people unaware but I can’t tell anyone how it is. For one everyone has a different perception of their truth. Yet more importantly we need to experience it for ourselves. 

It’s when people start searching for answers or experiencing things they can’t explain that we can step up and help eachother validate and accept eachother. I have had this experience so many times lately where someone will start telling me these “weird” or “crazy” experiences theyve been having. I love it and I can’t stop smiling yes it’s real! Our reality is nothing like weve assumed. 

Ive never questioned the existence of spirits, the Fae, Elves….not in the way they’re depicted in cartoons or fairytales but ive felt them always. Respect for all creatures and knowing just because we can’t see them doesn’t mean they don’t exist. I don’t expect anyone to have the same beliefs as I but it is so awesome to find that more and more people are realizing the Truth! The effort to save our planet, our Mother Earth makes me so ecstatic!

Im taking the next month for myself. Its something I have needed to do for awhile…its scary but it feels so right I cant ignore it. We are sacred and the time we invest in ourselves allowing ourselves the time to heal. To rediscover what is important and letting go of what other people think or old beliefs is vital to our growth. It looks different for everyone but the detoxification and chaos is always neccessary for our true selves to emerge. I know it wont be pleasant and I might feel like giving up but that is where we forge our greatest strength. Our most powerful personal transformations come when we embrace the full spectrum of our lifes cycle. 

We are constantly growing whether we embrace it or not so when we resist change things that don’t serve us anymore will stay as dead old energy that we carry around. “Baggage” is what we call it nowadays…nobody enjoys when someone has a bunch of “baggage. All it really is are emotions weve held on to from past experiences and didn’t take in the lesson and let go. Be it a life lesson or contrast showing us greater clarity in what we want and not in our lives we have to learn to let go. Anything thats already happened that your worrying about or still talking about is old dead stagnant energy stuck in your body. It is so important to release these energies that take up energy for nothing! If we dont let go of it we have less energy to spend in the now. 

It’s all sacred. Everything we do as divine beings can be made sacred. We need only to believe we are worthy and everything we do matters! Once you can feel worthy you can feel how sacred you are. 

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