Power of Love 

It amazes me how much power we have. How much power we have that we are unaware of…that I am even unaware of. Power we give away to our external world. Of course we are taught usually our whole lives that we have no power or the power we see exhibited by those around us is a controlling power. Power over others has been glorified throughout our recent history by “survival of the fittest”. Greed that stems from a place of lack. Lack stemming from fear. Fear of death perhaps or fear of loss. Fear meaning a lack of Love. Meaning separation. When we fear those and that which we could love…mostly ourselves we feel alienated. That we are somehow different from others. Others being you and me and him and her. 

Growing up we are often misunderstood. We are told what to be how to act what to learn. We are separated from the loving embrace of our womb where we were allowed to just BE. We existed in our natural state of Love. We all remember that Love and there is no question as to if we deserve it or not. Then we experienced pain shifting our reality. At least shifting our perception of our reality. What we maybe unaware of is our choice to experience that pain or were not taught how to experience it in a way that causes us to grow, to expand instead it starts to instill fear. Causing the feeling of separation.

 If we knew instead that it was simply initiation, an opportunity to challenge our perception perhaps we wouldn’t continue suffering so much. We could lovingly allow ourselves to feel the pain without making it bad or good. As we judge everything either bad or good get told “No that’s bad” and get punished for being who we are fear takes the place of Love. 

Then the search for “love” starts. We try to please our parents, teachers, coaches, everyone is comparing us and judging us. Grading us to see if we meet their standards. It becomes our way of life trying to win. Trying to be better than the next person. All in the search for that feeling. The feeling we can only find in ourselves. By letting go of judgement, comparison, competition. Finding compassion for ourselves. Trusting in our own ability to Love ourselves free of anything less than Love. 

Practice giving to yourself what you expect to get from something else. Practice treating yourself the way you want others to treat you. That saying treat others the way you want to be treated only leads to resentment. If you can be kind to yourself you’ll be kind to others. So just try loving yourself the best you can and you’ll start to feel the power you have. 

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