Something every human on a biological primal level desires is freedom. FREEDOM.  What is freedom really? 

In the United States we have what we call our constitutional rights. We have freedom of speech. Freedom of religion. Free press. The right to free speech. There is an entire system in place designed to make people feel a sense of freedom. 

Why? Why this false sense of freedom? When have we ever truly been free? When we were children? Made to go to bed at a certain time, made to go to school and sit at a desk for hours on end. Made to learn a certain way. Labeled male or female. Our childlike curiosity is a gift meant to help us navigate this world. Yet were taught to fear what other people think of us. We fear not having things. 

I believe our sense of freedom, what we have been told freedom means is what keeps us from being truly free. Freedom is ultimately our choice. We are free to choose to obey the laws or else face being locked up in a cell. Is that really freedom?We are free to choose our lifestyle as long as we have the money to choose our lifestyle. We are free to choose our career, our job, our work or way of earning the money needed to buy our freedom. As long as you pay for the proper certification or training or diploma. As long as you pay for a business license, pay your taxes and it’s a legal business by state or federal law you can work for yourself. 

We work to earn money to have the freedom to choose what we eat. While shopping your free to choose what chemicals you put in your body…if you’ve had time to research and realize 90% of the food available in a grocery store unless it’s a natural foods store is doing more harm instead of nourishing your body. So you eat a salad covered in pesticides or fruit that’s been genetically altered to grow faster or bigger. Then you get sick and have the freedom to choose who provides your healthcare. That you pay for. 

 It seems like every “freedom” granted comes with a cost therefore taking away it’s freedom and making it a choice to pretend your making the choice when really you had no choice to begin with. 

At least that’s what it seems to me freedom is represented as. Unless you change your perception of freedom. 

Give yourself the freedom to love yourself. Loving myself truly loving and accepting myself for everything I am has changed the way I view my world. I no longer feel the rock in my belly I felt while seeking approval or acceptance from others. I’m not saying I never feel it but the difference is now instead of rarely feeling free I feel free the majority of the time. When it does come, that icky feeling in my belly I can listen to it and realize it’s not something wrong with me. It’s actually my bodies perfect way of warning me I’m not loving myself entirely. Then I get to discover a part of me I had forgotten or suppressed. 

Loving yourself is an amazing journey including the grief felt when you discover just how much you weren’t loving yourself before. Finding the courage to forgive yourself and continuing to learn who you really are without betraying yourself to please others is challenging. There are belief systems embeded in our DNA that need to be cleared and loved free of fear. 

The fear of loss of freedom keeps us paralyzed into accepting the guise of freedom. Choosing love instead of fear places the power back in yourself instead of giving it away. Ultimately it’s your choice to give up your freedom to others or choosing to empower yourself through love. True power is found in your heart for there is no freedom found in controlling others by exerting power over them thru fear. 

Take back your freedom, take back your power. Love yourself free of the fear of lack and you will find the sweetest peace, no matter what anybody says. 

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