I am growing.
I am evolving.
I am becoming.
I am learning.
I love discovering myself.
I love the more I focus on love the less I judge others.
I love self reflection.
I love being.
I am trusting the flow of life.
I am gaining clarity on what I do want.
I am open I am free.
I love knowing my truth.
I love discovering my truth.
I am connected to my I am presence within me.
I am a creator.
I hold the ability to create life in my womb in my DNA.
I am learning my true source of power.
I am the creator of my reality.
I am here co-creating with all of you.
I am letting go of trying to control how you create.
I am loving the process.
I love that I’m here to have fun and play with creation.
I love the experiences I get to have with all of you.
I love how exciting it is to see how source the universe provides more and more of what I focus on.
I know my power is in my focus and intention.
I know that I do not know everything cuz that would be boring.
I love how fulfilling life is.
I love being here.
I love that I am not a victim.
I love the power knowing I’m the creator of my reality gives me.
I love being free to choose what I focus on.
I love being connected to all life.
I am here to explore and experience life.
I let my heart guide me with love for all life.
I experience challenges as initiations.
I am remembering my true self allowing me to see your true self.
I am pure source energy.
I have seen the stars in my hands.
I have seen through illusions of fear and separation.
I have seen through the illusion of lack of love.
I am trusting in love.
I am honoring my truth.
I am letting go of fear of judgement.
I am honoring your truth.
I am letting go of guilt and shame.
I am kind to myself and others.
I am compassionate.
I am responsible for my feelings.
I respect your feelings.

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