Messy hair not that she doesn\’t care she loves her hair, loves freedom, loves air. Elements whisper tangling any thoughts of perfection. Impatience courses the blood in her veins screaming run free. Stop constricting my feet! Free my soul my body my heart. Run through the forest. Dance in the rain. Be messy. Have fun. Forget the life you were told was right and inspire little girls to only listen to their hearts. Forget what anybody said about what good little girls do. Don’t be quiet dont hide your tears dont hide the passion in your love for color. Dont shut down when someone questions you. Don’t feel less when accused of having a problem when your tears are streaming. Don\’t change for anyone. Be gentle and fierce. Be humble and proud. Be bold and aware. Know yourself speak your truth and accept another’s truth. Know niether is wrong or right, difference is necessary. You know and accept this with clarity and love. For Love is your first language. Your breath and beating heart are strongest when you don\’t waver from the only truth youve ever known. Love is all. Love is forever beyond our concept of forever. Embody, infuse, birth, recieve, give unconditionally love to yourself and everyone else.

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