Something every human on a biological primal level desires is freedom. FREEDOM.  What is freedom really? 

In the United States we have what we call our constitutional rights. We have freedom of speech. Freedom of religion. Free press. The right to free speech. There is an entire system in place designed to make people feel a sense of freedom. 

Why? Why this false sense of freedom? When have we ever truly been free? When we were children? Made to go to bed at a certain time, made to go to school and sit at a desk for hours on end. Made to learn a certain way. Labeled male or female. Our childlike curiosity is a gift meant to help us navigate this world. Yet were taught to fear what other people think of us. We fear not having things. 

I believe our sense of freedom, what we have been told freedom means is what keeps us from being truly free. Freedom is ultimately our choice. We are free to choose to obey the laws or else face being locked up in a cell. Is that really freedom?We are free to choose our lifestyle as long as we have the money to choose our lifestyle. We are free to choose our career, our job, our work or way of earning the money needed to buy our freedom. As long as you pay for the proper certification or training or diploma. As long as you pay for a business license, pay your taxes and it’s a legal business by state or federal law you can work for yourself. 

We work to earn money to have the freedom to choose what we eat. While shopping your free to choose what chemicals you put in your body…if you’ve had time to research and realize 90% of the food available in a grocery store unless it’s a natural foods store is doing more harm instead of nourishing your body. So you eat a salad covered in pesticides or fruit that’s been genetically altered to grow faster or bigger. Then you get sick and have the freedom to choose who provides your healthcare. That you pay for. 

 It seems like every “freedom” granted comes with a cost therefore taking away it’s freedom and making it a choice to pretend your making the choice when really you had no choice to begin with. 

At least that’s what it seems to me freedom is represented as. Unless you change your perception of freedom. 

Give yourself the freedom to love yourself. Loving myself truly loving and accepting myself for everything I am has changed the way I view my world. I no longer feel the rock in my belly I felt while seeking approval or acceptance from others. I’m not saying I never feel it but the difference is now instead of rarely feeling free I feel free the majority of the time. When it does come, that icky feeling in my belly I can listen to it and realize it’s not something wrong with me. It’s actually my bodies perfect way of warning me I’m not loving myself entirely. Then I get to discover a part of me I had forgotten or suppressed. 

Loving yourself is an amazing journey including the grief felt when you discover just how much you weren’t loving yourself before. Finding the courage to forgive yourself and continuing to learn who you really are without betraying yourself to please others is challenging. There are belief systems embeded in our DNA that need to be cleared and loved free of fear. 

The fear of loss of freedom keeps us paralyzed into accepting the guise of freedom. Choosing love instead of fear places the power back in yourself instead of giving it away. Ultimately it’s your choice to give up your freedom to others or choosing to empower yourself through love. True power is found in your heart for there is no freedom found in controlling others by exerting power over them thru fear. 

Take back your freedom, take back your power. Love yourself free of the fear of lack and you will find the sweetest peace, no matter what anybody says. 

Power of Love 

It amazes me how much power we have. How much power we have that we are unaware of…that I am even unaware of. Power we give away to our external world. Of course we are taught usually our whole lives that we have no power or the power we see exhibited by those around us is a controlling power. Power over others has been glorified throughout our recent history by “survival of the fittest”. Greed that stems from a place of lack. Lack stemming from fear. Fear of death perhaps or fear of loss. Fear meaning a lack of Love. Meaning separation. When we fear those and that which we could love…mostly ourselves we feel alienated. That we are somehow different from others. Others being you and me and him and her. 

Growing up we are often misunderstood. We are told what to be how to act what to learn. We are separated from the loving embrace of our womb where we were allowed to just BE. We existed in our natural state of Love. We all remember that Love and there is no question as to if we deserve it or not. Then we experienced pain shifting our reality. At least shifting our perception of our reality. What we maybe unaware of is our choice to experience that pain or were not taught how to experience it in a way that causes us to grow, to expand instead it starts to instill fear. Causing the feeling of separation.

 If we knew instead that it was simply initiation, an opportunity to challenge our perception perhaps we wouldn’t continue suffering so much. We could lovingly allow ourselves to feel the pain without making it bad or good. As we judge everything either bad or good get told “No that’s bad” and get punished for being who we are fear takes the place of Love. 

Then the search for “love” starts. We try to please our parents, teachers, coaches, everyone is comparing us and judging us. Grading us to see if we meet their standards. It becomes our way of life trying to win. Trying to be better than the next person. All in the search for that feeling. The feeling we can only find in ourselves. By letting go of judgement, comparison, competition. Finding compassion for ourselves. Trusting in our own ability to Love ourselves free of anything less than Love. 

Practice giving to yourself what you expect to get from something else. Practice treating yourself the way you want others to treat you. That saying treat others the way you want to be treated only leads to resentment. If you can be kind to yourself you’ll be kind to others. So just try loving yourself the best you can and you’ll start to feel the power you have. 

Jenny Schiltz :You have the power to shift all around you

Forever Unlimited

You have the power to shift all around you

You have the power to shift all around youby: Jenny Schiltz

at: 3rd May 2017 under: Ascension help, Energy Update, Shamanism

So much is shifting in us with this energy. Not only is it creating deep, intense clearings but it is also asking us to step up in our power. Many are finding that as they clear away all the things that no longer serve that it has paved the way for new abilities, greater clarity and intuition to come through. Many are also finding themselves in new or expanded roles.

Recently I went to the hot springs to soak in the healing waters, but was disappointed because the water felt tired, worn out. I didn’t know if it was because it was spring break and the place was crowded or if the waters were simply tired of clearing our crap. I suspected the latter. I told my…

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I am excited about how often I see people discovering the divine feminine and masculine energies. It is beautiful the way our feminine essence is returning from her deep slumber. And so needed! 

We have been too “busy” for too long. Being able to remember and allowing ourselves the space to connect to that deep inner knowing is such an amazing experience. Ive had this extremely strong yearning for a return of Sacred. I don’t know any other way to put it besides Sacred. It’s felt like nothing has been sacred for so long. 

I could go on and on about all the things that have been happening and how our soxiety has been confused. There are still many people unaware but I can’t tell anyone how it is. For one everyone has a different perception of their truth. Yet more importantly we need to experience it for ourselves. 

It’s when people start searching for answers or experiencing things they can’t explain that we can step up and help eachother validate and accept eachother. I have had this experience so many times lately where someone will start telling me these “weird” or “crazy” experiences theyve been having. I love it and I can’t stop smiling yes it’s real! Our reality is nothing like weve assumed. 

Ive never questioned the existence of spirits, the Fae, Elves….not in the way they’re depicted in cartoons or fairytales but ive felt them always. Respect for all creatures and knowing just because we can’t see them doesn’t mean they don’t exist. I don’t expect anyone to have the same beliefs as I but it is so awesome to find that more and more people are realizing the Truth! The effort to save our planet, our Mother Earth makes me so ecstatic!

Im taking the next month for myself. Its something I have needed to do for awhile…its scary but it feels so right I cant ignore it. We are sacred and the time we invest in ourselves allowing ourselves the time to heal. To rediscover what is important and letting go of what other people think or old beliefs is vital to our growth. It looks different for everyone but the detoxification and chaos is always neccessary for our true selves to emerge. I know it wont be pleasant and I might feel like giving up but that is where we forge our greatest strength. Our most powerful personal transformations come when we embrace the full spectrum of our lifes cycle. 

We are constantly growing whether we embrace it or not so when we resist change things that don’t serve us anymore will stay as dead old energy that we carry around. “Baggage” is what we call it nowadays…nobody enjoys when someone has a bunch of “baggage. All it really is are emotions weve held on to from past experiences and didn’t take in the lesson and let go. Be it a life lesson or contrast showing us greater clarity in what we want and not in our lives we have to learn to let go. Anything thats already happened that your worrying about or still talking about is old dead stagnant energy stuck in your body. It is so important to release these energies that take up energy for nothing! If we dont let go of it we have less energy to spend in the now. 

It’s all sacred. Everything we do as divine beings can be made sacred. We need only to believe we are worthy and everything we do matters! Once you can feel worthy you can feel how sacred you are. 

A few thoughts inspired by some rap songs.

I’m never sure how I end up where I do but I do enjoy the way my mind works and hopefully you will too. 

So  the average rapper raps about money, cars and bad bitches in almost every song. There either braggin about their money or braggin about how their money gets them bad bitches. It’s unfortunately true just not for the reasons rappers think. 

There is so much I wish I could help people see how backwards our thinking is. I spent a lot of time thinking listening to rap was cool and that I really liked it and I was a “cool” girlfriend that didn’t need a guy to take care of me. I liked to have sex and thought all these things were freedom. Listening to the music that my parents hated and fucking guys cuz I chose to. 

In reality when I realized what was really going on that all the beliefs I had werent helping me live the life I wanted instead creating more problems. I wanted a deep intimate relationship where we were free to be ourselves and there wasn’t jealousy or chains. That type of relationship involves evolving ourselves. It requires you to go inside and examine your story. Being willing to let go of social conditions and finding out what you personally desire. Happiness and Love are the two main things all people want. We think all these other things like money and nice cars and lots of people wanting us will make us happy. That search for fulfillment everyone realizes eventually hopefully that nothing will fulfill until your content with yourself. No amount of hot chicks throwing themselves at you will make you feel better. No amount of guys wanting to have sex with you will make you feel better. There are plenty of celebrities, rappers and porn stars that would love you to believe they got it made and are happy with what their doing. 

Then you hear a rap about I got the money I’m the boss now I need a queen. I need a bitch so bad she take up my whole week. Thinking the money and status gives them the oppurtunity to make a woman happy. Maybe for awhile but then the money can’t replace the feeling you get from truly loving yourself and your still not satisfied. Maybe its the wrong person tfoy’re not meant for me. Keep looking you meet someone new the attraction is fierce and your willing to try again cuz that feeling is so addictive. The rush of chemicals from meeting someone new and the dance that could go on forever but we think it should be easy. It shouldnt take work to love someone. If we never had contrast we wouldnt know what we wanted. Then we think were changing for someone and can’t do that so we keep acting like fools and never find peace. Who cares whose wrong or right? Women want to spend more time with a guy and he feels smothered. Seeks his freedom then chaos ensues. Cant figure out how to make her happy when what she wants makes him put the brakes on. Due to social conditioning? Lack of ability to have compassion for eachother? Life is so different for any of us yet we all strive for the same things. Explore your beliefs about people it-s those beliefs that stop you from having what you want. 

The belief that hoes want money brings exactly what you believe. The belief that men only want sex brings you men that only want sex. Why it doesnt work with the belief that money will make you happy seems to not happen. 

The material things we put our hope in will always fail. The beliefs we have about people will always prevail. The love you have for yourself will be the only love you’ll be able to feel. 

Nature spirit


I took this photo in my back yard last summer…i love the area how green and lucious it gets. The trees are gorgeous and theres a row of huge fragrant lilac bushes that line one side of our driveway. The light whisps or orbs of light you can see in the photo were not visible to me before the photos are taken. I have more I will share later as I dont feel the timing is right to share the other ones. Fae are very loving creatures of Gaia our Earth mother and love it when humans show respect and care for all the abundant gifts she offers us.

I have always been drawn to the beauty and felt theres something special about this place. I learned that one of the trees is a portal between dimensions….other spaces in time or other worlds. Ive been spending most of my time learning and raising my vibrational frequency to better understand whats going on around me and in the world.

I know many, many thousands of people are feeling this call back to our roots, back to nature.

Theres a feeling of a need to return to our old ways of growing our own food or at least eating more natural foods. It is possible for us as humans to live off the land our ancestors did it for millenia. The new culture of needing more stuff and waste that has been dominating the grocery stores and restaraunts is not something im going to get into right now but imagine all the food we throw away everyday all across the nation yet we have a huge amount of hungry people. I’m just as guilty of wasting food, so im not judging anyone. I simply want to be aware and hopefully allow others to voice their ideas.

I want to pose a few questions that have been on my heart and mind. What if we were able to stop feeling insecure, if we could stop the need for competition? If we didnt make a mans worth equal his bank account but instead his ability to be himself? If as women we knew our worth wasn’t measured by our physical assets? If we all could love ourselves and knew not one of us was better or worse, more deserving or less? If we could trust in ourselves and others to celebrate each of our gifts as they are and each give accordingly. If we all were able to contribute our personal passions with an interest in serving each other there by serving our selves?

If we did not allow one person to gain monopoly of so much because everyone had their own gift and was honored as worthy of love just for being who they were? There will always be natural leaders and natural followers. There will always be someone with a green thumb and someone with an eye for design. Someone will always have a natural affinity for travel and someone who loves it where they are.

We can’t ever go back in time but we can bring back our natural rythym of connecting to earth and living with the world instead of fighting the world.

I have so much more to say but just imagine what it would be like to live in a harmonious, appreciative way and offer yourself the chance to view life from a different perspective.

With the love of every color of the rainbow ,    Janelle A.